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Zuma deluxe is one of the most challenging and addictive game ever. The purpose of this game is to find the secrets of Zuma and protect the ancient civilizations. There are several colored balls in a chain who are coming towards the stone frog. Make groups of three or more balls of the same color and destroy them. If you hit good, you will receive special bonuses that will bring you good points. With magic balls you have the opportunity to destroy many more balls than with normal one. Try to avoid the balls reach the stone frog or the game will end. It won’t be easy, but if you want to go through all the levels, you have to show that you are a good gamer and defeat your limits.

  • Zuma revenge online Zuma revenge online

    You have to click on the groups of balls from the same color and destroy them. Don't let them reach the golden skull.

  • Zuma deluxe online Zuma deluxe online

    Try this entertaining zuma game and gather at least two balls with the same color and throw into them with a similar one.

  • Zuma bubbles Zuma bubbles

    Create the best strategy for Zuma Bubbles Shooter if you want to get a good score!

  • Zuma Atlantis Zuma Atlantis

    Zuma Atlantis is a challenging game that will make you want to discover each puzzle.

  • Zuma Suma Zuma Suma

    Discover the secret of Zuma Suna and click the mouse when you want to throw with balls that must be destroyed. Enjoy!

  • Zuma Gold Strike Zuma Gold Strike

    You are a seeker of gold, so you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Group the precious stones by their category and fire them.

  • Zuma Blackbeards Island Zuma Blackbeards Island

    You are the captain of the pirates and you want to conquer the world with your ship. Fire all the balls and you will be called the pirate of the sea.

  • Zuma Inca Zuma Inca

    You have to discover the adventure playing Zuma Inca. Protect your territory from the ones who want to reach the golden skull.

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