Play zuma games

  • Zuma revenge online Zuma revenge online

    You have to click on the groups of balls from the same color and destroy them. Don't let them reach the golden skull.

  • Zuma deluxe online Zuma deluxe online

    Try this entertaining zuma game and gather at least two balls with the same color and throw into them with a similar one.

  • Zuma bubbles Zuma bubbles

    Create the best strategy for Zuma Bubbles Shooter if you want to get a good score!

  • Zuma Atlantis Zuma Atlantis

    Zuma Atlantis is a challenging game that will make you want to discover each puzzle.

  • Zuma Suma Zuma Suma

    Discover the secret of Zuma Suna and click the mouse when you want to throw with balls that must be destroyed. Enjoy!

  • Zuma Gold Strike Zuma Gold Strike

    You are a seeker of gold, so you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. Group the precious stones by their category and fire them.

  • Zuma Blackbeards Island Zuma Blackbeards Island

    You are the captain of the pirates and you want to conquer the world with your ship. Fire all the balls and you will be called the pirate of the sea.

  • Zuma Inca Zuma Inca

    You have to discover the adventure playing Zuma Inca. Protect your territory from the ones who want to reach the golden skull.

  • Zuma Dynasty Zuma Dynasty

    Japanese civilization is waiting for you to discover it. You have to control the dragon who is throwing with balls.

  • Zuma Svetlograd Zuma Svetlograd

    Choose to play Zuma Svetlograd and protect your city from the evil imps. They are trying to attack you, so you must be the hero of this game.

  • Zuma Zen Blaster Zuma Zen Blaster

    If you play Zuma Zen Blaster you should know, that your job is to destroy marbles. Have fun!

  • Zuma Blackbeards Assault Zuma Blackbeards Assault

    One of the frightening pirate of the sea is captain Blackbeards. He is trying to conquer new territories so he will use all his resources.

  • Zuma Critter Zapper Zuma Critter Zapper

    Critters must be destroyed, so form groups of critters from the same color and make them disappear. Enjoy!

  • Zuma Super Zen Blaster Zuma Super Zen Blaster

    Your job is to destroy the marbles formed of 3 or more balls of the same color. Click on the mouse to throw with balls each time you want. Enjoy!

  • Zuma Kazooball Zuma Kazooball

    You have the opportunity to control the snake and destroy all the balls that are coming into it. Don;t let them reach to your snake. Have fun!

  • Zuma Samurai Balls Zuma Samurai Balls

    Your duty is to protect the ancient temples from the destructive balls. Chick on the samurai and he will throw into them with colored balls.

  • Zuma Space Rolling Zuma Space Rolling

    You have the possibility to control a spaceship that has the mission to protect the space from the enemy. Have fun!

  • Zuma With Cards Zuma With Cards

    Are you a card player? Than you should try to play Zuma With Cards. This is a game of speed. Have fun!

  • Zuma Reaktor Zuma Reaktor

    Try Zuma Reaktor and conquer the space. You have to make groups of plutonium with the same color and destroy them. Enjoy it!

  • Zuma Vooz Zuma Vooz

    The evil vooz are invading your city. You must protect your territory from this creature. Have fun!

  • Zuma Quest Zuma Quest

    The japanese priests must protect the ancient treasure from the evil thieves destroying the balls that are coming into the temple.

  • Zuma Football Zuma Football

    Shoot the ball into groups of at least three balls from the same color and make them explode. Have fun!

  • Zuma Dragons Zuma Dragons

    The dark forces are taking the control of the world. Until now, when the 9 Dragons appeared on the world to destroy them. Enjoy this adventure!

  • Zuma Crab Zuma Crab

    The crabs are protecting the sea from the destructive balls. Don't let them get to the sea or you will lose. Enjoy!

  • Zuma Bonbon Zuma Bonbon

    A magic world of candies is waiting for you. Give your best shot and destroy them!

  • Zuma Sparkle Zuma Sparkle

    Start the adventure of Zuma Sparkle. The evil is trying to conquer the world. Your mission is to fight with it and make the world a safe place.

  • Zuma Safari Zuma Safari

    Zuma Safari is an adventurous game, where you have to destroy the danger who is watching you on every step. Have fun!

  • Zuma Honey Zuma Honey

    If you choose to play Zuma Honey you should know that you must protect the honey bear.

  • Zuma Snakecoil Zuma Snakecoil

    The snake is a danger for the humanity. Destroy him throwing into it with colored balls.

  • Zuma Antix Zuma Antix

    The ants are invading the world. So you must stop them before is too late. Have fun!

  • Zuma Clone Zuma Clone

    You must protect your planet from all the creatures who want to invade it. Shooting them you will exterminate the evil. Have fun!

  • Plants vs Zombies Plants vs Zombies

    Plants vs Zombies is a new interesting game that will create addiction. You have to avoid the zombies reach the house, because it will eat you brain.

  • Zuma Arabian Nights Zuma Arabian Nights

    Play 1001 Zuma Arabian Nights and solve the puzzle before the oil from the lamp end!

  • Zuma Brickshooter Zuma Brickshooter

    Zuma Brickshooter is a game that will challenge you. Have fun!

Play zuma games

Zuma games it bring you the most popular games ever. It will bring you joy and happiness with each level you will win. Donít stop playing and try to reach a higher score with every game you play. All you have to dois to match at least three elements from the same category or with the same color and fire them off. But be carefull, because you have a deadline to do that or you woll lose. On each game you will find some surprising elements that can bring you many points if you know how and when to use them. Have fun!

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